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Are Samsungb Front Load Washer Reliable?

Are Samsung front-load washers reliable? (Answered!)

    November 17, 2022; AZMAIN AHNAF

    Undoubtedly, Samsung front-load washers are ultra-reliable cause they are heavy, very sturdy, and well-built, similar to other prestigious brands like LG, GE, Whirlpool, etc. However, USA-made Samsung front loaders come with the longest warranty period on direct drive motors and inverters, which is 20 years! 

    While a general lifespan of a front loader washer is considered 20 years on average, there you will get the same amount of warranty period for the main components.

    So, you should be doubt free about its reliability!

    How sturdy are Samsung front loader washers?

    I will give it 9 out of 10 for sturdiness. 

    The main component of a front loader washer is its motor, drum, shock absorbers, and control panel. 

    I’ve talked with Samsung’s representative, and they have ensured that currently, all the Samsung front loader washers come with a direct drive copper motor.

    Notably, the motor has 20 years of replacement guarantee. 

    The drums have a diamond-shaped surface that helps to keep the washer mold-free. Also, it protects the fabrics from fiber loss.

    Samsung Front Load Washers Drum

    Samsung’s shock absorbers’ performance is okay. Cause while the drum spins at a high RPM with a heavy load, it doesn’t seem shaky and noisy like top loaders. 

    So if your laundry room is on the second floor of a wooden house, you won’t feel much vibration and noise from the basement.

    Finally, the door is made of highly tempered glass. A long-term use won’t make it scratched.

    Motor quality of Samsung Washer

    Once, I disassembled one Samsung front loader back part to view the motor quality, and the result was satisfying. 

    The brushless direct drive motor contains 36 armature/cores of 100% copper coils and remains connected to the inverter or variable frequency drive (VFD).

    Samsung Front Load Washers Direct Drive Motor

    The defecting rate is extremely low because the direct drive motor doesn’t need any belt and shaft. 

    VFD technology allows the motor to control the speed and torque according to the necessity, which means if your clothing load is too low, the motor will consume a minimum power by sensing the load.

    However, VFD can increase or decrease the drum spin speed according to the requirement without consuming an extra amount of electricity.

    Inverter and Motherboard of Samsung – How reliable are they?

    Samsung Front Load Washer's VFD or Inverter PCB

    The component being advertised as an inverter is called VFD or variable frequency drive in the engineering world. Samsung’s motherboard has an integrated VFD with additional necessary elements.

    The VFD PCB board is very well-built, with high-quality transistors and capacitors. Importantly, if you face trouble after the warranty period, you can replace it due to sphere parts availability. 

    But you might be tension-free cause Samsung technicians have ensured that they have never found any complaints about the motherboard or inverter within 10-12 years. 

    In my own experience, that device is almost impossible to get defective. It faces any short circuit or thunderstrike on stormy days. So, on a stormy day, you should plug out your washer, similar to other sensitive appliances.

    Availability of the Samsung front loaders sphere parts

    As the Samsung front loader units are primarily made in the USA, any sphere parts will be available with a single call to the Samsung helpline. Though there are expensive.

    For the motor, you don’t even need to think about replacement cause that has 20 years of guarantee. 

    Other components like the motherboard or inverter are available and might cost you around $200.

    The door seal is also available within the price range of $80~$90, depending on the model.

    Another element called clutch is replaceable by $15~$20.

    But no Samsung users ever have to replace these items within ten years as far as I’ve investigated by discussing with users and warranty-provider technicians.

    Few typical troubles that you might have with Samsung

    Rarely I’ve heard of facing trouble with Samsung washer users. But there are a few typical troubles.

    • After a power outage a few times, the washer doesn’t return to the previous setup. But it doesn’t happen in 99% of cases.
    • In the short wash cycles, users sometimes find a detergent smell from the clothing. But it’s a common issue for other washers.
    • Sometimes if you pause the wash cycle, the door instantly needs to be unlocked. It takes multiple attempts.
    • If the drain pipe gets displaced from its holder, the water starts getting bypassed. It’s also a common issue with other washers.

    How long do Samsung front-load washers last?

    Old-model Samsung washers last at least 12 years. But the newer ones are almost guaranteed to last for 20+ years.

    If you handle the washer with care, you might be assured that your grandchildren will be able to play with this. Below, I’ve enlisted some common caring about the washers.

    Here are a few tips to get a longer lifespan

    Firstly, you should keep the washer manageable. I suggest you always load one or a half cubic feet less than the designed capacity.

    For example, if your washer has a five cubic feet capacity, you should load at most four cubic feet of clothing.

    Secondly, give your washer at least 2 hours of a break after every wash cycle to cool down the motor’s coil.

    Thirdly, do not store heavy loads at the top of the Samsung front load washer; it damages the weight balance hydraulics.

    Finally, clean the drum with a “drum cleaning” function at least once a month.

    Note: If your water line supplied too hard water, you should use some water softener to keep your machine stain-free for decades.

    Maintenance and repair cost of Samsung front loader washers

    Hardly you might require to replace the clutch and door sealing gasket within the lifespan.

    Sphere clutches are available for $20, but a handyman might charge $30 to $50 to repair them if you can’t replace them.

    Secondly, you might require to replace the door gasket. It is priced at around $70; again, a technician might charge about $50 to do it if you can’t replace it.

    If you are unlucky and the motherboard or control panel gets damaged, you will require something around $150~$250 to repair those entirely. However, I have never found any users to face this circumstance. 

    Washing Performance of Samsung Front Loaders

    It’s satisfying. Undoubtedly it’s satisfying. 

    Samsung is the only available washing machine that offers “eco bubble” technology, which allows the washer to draw detergent and water into a bubble generator and produce foam using high-frequency vibration.

    Foam has a lower surface tension than water, so it gets quickly soaked by the fabric’s surface. Then if you set up the washer for a soak cycle, the clothes will be efficiently damped inside detergent for minutes.

    Then, Samsung has a handful number of washing functionalities for different fabrics. 

    Additionally, Samsung comes with PTC water heating elements. So, stain cleaning uses the required amount of hot water with an adjacent temperature.

    Samsung has a built-in feature for sensitive fabrics like silk or viscose, and using those settings is highly recommended. Otherwise, fabric might be shrunk or hard on due to rough wash.

    One crucial fact is that if you have white clothes, don’t wash them with colorful garments.

    Does cleaning heavy clothes damage Samsung Washer?

    Not really, but you should not overload. For example, if your washer has a 4.5 cubic feet capacity, you should not put a heavy rug inside it by squeezing it tightly. 

    It will impact cleaning performance and create pressure on hydraulic drum holders. So it would be best if you were careful about it.

    After-sale services of Samsung

    Samsung is the only brand that offers live chat support on its website. So any trouble you face, you might get help instantly.

    They will get an instant solution if they can remotely solve the issue. But if you require a plumber or technician, Samsung might take 24 to 72 hours to reach your home.

    Moreover, I’m satisfied with their post-sales services.

    Is there any better option than Samsung?

    LG might be the best competitor for Samsung, but that’s expensive too.

    Also, LG has 2 in 1 washer, which means you can wash and dry in the same machine. Samsung has one model, though, but that’s small and very limitedly available to the market.

    But LG does not provide this massive extensive warranty, so Samsung might be better if it fulfills your criteria.

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