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Are the front load washers quieter than top loaders

Are the front load washers quieter than top loaders? (Explained!)

    January 13, 2023; AZMAIN AHNAF

    Shaking and vibrating noise is a common issue with washing machines, and currently, manufacturers are working hard to minimize that issue. Indeed, they are improving gradually, and the results are high-end front load washers.

    Yes, front load washers are quieter than top-loaders. Cause they have heavy chassis and the new generation technology implementation in advanced shock absorber along with direct drive motor. This combination has made them quieter.

    In this article, I’ve explained how the front-load washer spins quietly and keeps you out of disturbance. Also, I will explain the mechanism and engineering behind the quiet operation technology.

    Why are front load washers quiet than top-loaders? (10 Reasons)

    Front loader washers are far quieter than top loaders because of the implementation of advanced engineering and intelligent mechanisms. The inverter-integrated direct drive motor and the smooth suspension play the leading role.

    Additionally, there are a few more reasons to make these machines super quiet. Below, I’ve noted every practical reason in simple words for your easy understanding. 

    1st Reason for quietness: Advanced Suspension

    More than anything else, the main credit goes for the advanced engineered suspension of the front loader washer where the drum remains mounted.

    The drum remains to hang with four suspension springs from the top, and at the bottom, the drum remains seated on two hydraulic telescopic suspensions.

    Additionally, as the drum spins horizontally, a comparatively small amount of jarking pressure creates on the verticle position. 

    The suspension system absorbs the entire jarking force. So, the front load washer remains stable and shake-free, resulting in quiet operation.

    2nd Reason for quietness: Horizontal Movement

    The motor of the front load washer remains behind the drum, attached directly to a shaft or indirectly with a belt.

    In the top loader washer, the drum remains vertically, so when it spins, the weight of the clothes punches towards the side. So the washer moves and shakes and makes a sound. 

    But in the front load washer, the drum spins horizontally, and the force creates vertically. So the suspension and the spring consume the entire force and disallow the washer to move or shake, so it remains quiet.

    3rd Reason for silence: Direct Drive Motor

    Direct drive motors come with only the high-end washing machines of Samsung, LG, and a few GE and Whirlpools.

    The pully in the belt drive motor creates friction, and the motor’s load makes a humming noise. But the direct drive motors are brushless, and as they remain attached directly to the drum, the operation is very silent.

    Additionally, the direct drive motor creates less vibration and jarking force, so the machine remains quiet and stands still. 

    You will only hear the clothes movement sound while operating these machines. Though the washer might make noise if you overload the front load washer.

    4th Reason for silence: Heavy Weight Chassis

    Front-load washers come with entirely metal chassis. Their bodies aren’t plastic built like the top loaders. 

    As a result, the main chassis and other components, such as drums, motors, and electronic boards, are heavy and sturdy. 

    So during a high RPM spin cycle, the body can’t shake and move that much and remains quiet.

    5th Reason for silence: Soft Rubber Feet

    Almost all front load washers have soft rubber feet like cats’ paws and remain stuck to the hard floor. They don’t get slipped and move and keep the machine standing still.

    Indeed they play a vital role in the ultra-quiet operation.

    6th Reason for silence: Intelligent Inverters

    Inverters are mainly VFD or variable frequency derivatives. VFD can increase or decrease the AC current’s frequency to control the spin RPM without changing the voltage.

    As a result, VFD can swiftly rotor the drum or increase or decrease the drum’s speed slowly. That smooth operation and the direct drive motor keep the machine ultra-quiet.

    Another important role VFD plays during the primary wash cycle. Inverter integrated motor doesn’t have any gear or break to change the spin direction; the VFD does this by alternative the frequency.

    So the movement during the washing remains silent.

    7th Reason for quietness: Advanced Clutch Mechanism

    A low-budget front load washer that doesn’t comes with direct drive motors contains a clutch to adjust the drum’s speed and spin direction. 

    The clutch causes friction and makes a hissing noise. But that’s far more silent than the top loaders.

    8th Reason for quietness: Low-Level Water Uses

    The front load washer draws a very low water level during the soak and primary wash cycle. It doesn’t drip all the clothes underwater, so you won’t be able to listen to the water-streaming sound like the top loaders. 

    9th Reason for quietness: Wall Mount Functionality

    Few front load washers are mountable on the wall and remain in a tight-fitting position held by nut bolts. So they can’t get a shake or vibrate during washing or rinsing spins. As a result, you get a quiet operation.

    10th Reason for quietness: Stack Operation Ability

    Almost all front load washers are stackable side by side or on top. Stacking a dryer with a front load washer remains so heavy and extremely hard to move or get shaken.

    So the drum doesn’t get shaken or heavily vibrated during any moment of the operation. So it remains quiet, a pure silence.

    How Much Decibel is a Front Load Washer?

    Though it varies from brand to brand and model, the quietest front load washers are around 40~45 decibels at random. And the low-budget front load washers produce around 50~60 decibels. (People talks in 70 Decibel typically.)

    Again the noise level increases while the washer spins at a high RPM.

    Here is a video on it.

    Summary of the Reasons Behind Quietness

    Front load washers are advanced in technology from several different aspects. They are efficient; they are quiet. Manufacturers are improving front loaders’ mechanisms daily, and they are gradually getting smarter.

    The combination of several advanced mechanisms has made them silent during operation. But these mechanism demands more expense than top loaders.

    So, thanks to the engineering behind these. You might enjoy reading a novel while doing laundry without disturbing or distracting noise.

    Azmain Ahnaf is a Software Engineer and a passionate blogger who likes sharing tips and tricks and home appliances-related topics in handytalker blog. He believes that sharing knowledge with each other can create the world much easier!

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