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About HandyTalker

Handytalker is a website where we answer curious questions about home appliances and household items. Once we find any interesting question, we try to figure it out from the user’s experience, interviewing brand owners, employees, engineers, and technicians.

Also, we work with multiple licensed repair service providers to observe the disassembling, troubleshooting, repairing procedures, and replacing faulty components. Thus we gather our knowledge and share it with our audience through this blog. 

To understand new technologies and features with the mechanism, such as intelligent appliances like robotic vacuums, intelligent washers, smart electronics, and so on, we approach manufacturers and their engineers so that they can break down and explain every single fundamental part to us.  

Finally, we have a team of engineers and technicians to conduct research with all the gathered data. They make a more accessible explanation to our writers and editors so that we can prepare easy to understand article for you and make you crystal clear in your askings about appliances and technologies.

Additionally, we explain several DIY procedures in the most straightforward ways so that anybody can perform their household technical tasks and show excellence!

If you have any questions like “What, Why, How, Can I, Should I, Do I, etc.,” about any of your appliances or household technologies, search in our blogs or text that to us. We are here to prepare the solution for you.

Chief Author & Owner

  • Occupation: Engineer, Blogging Enthusiast.  
  • Education: Bachelor in Software Engineering.
  • Contact: [email protected]
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  • Phone: +8801727225492
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