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Are samsung front load washer direct drive

Are Samsung front load washers direct drive? (Explained!)

    November 19, 2022; AZMAIN AHNAF

    Yes, all Samsung front-loader washers currently come with a direct drive motor with an integrated intelligent inverter. However, USA-made front loaders are protected with 20 years of extended warranty on the motor and Inverter. 

    Also, Samsung has combined all advanced innovative features for noise-free, hassle-less operation.

    Are all Samsung front loader washers direct drive?

    Direct drive motor mechanism is a recent technology, so older Samsung front loader washers didn’t own this.

    But currently, 97% of front-loader Samsung washers have a direct drive motor with an integrated inverter. A few cheap models still have a belt drive mechanism, but they are very rare in the market.

    I’ve talked with Samsung, and they’ve explained that they manufacture front loaders both in USA and China. Mainly, the high-end variants are being manufactured in the USA, and all of them have direct-drive motors with an extended replacement warranty of 20 years.

    The china made variants are mainly for distribution in Asia and a few European countries, and most are inexpensive due to the market demand. Few of them still have the belt drive mechanism, but there’s no way you will find them in American Market.

    Even currently, almost all Samsung top loaders are direct drives too. Samsung claims that both the front loader and top loader washers with direct drive motors require nearly zero maintenance.

    Few Great Direct drive front loader models of Samsung

    Here are a few great popular Samsung front loaders models with direct drive motors. All of them come with 20 years of motor warranty and 1 year of parts and labor. I’ve explained some of their key features and functionality. 

    To learn more, visit Samsung’s official website and search by their model or size.

    4.5 Cubic Feet Models

    Model: (WF45B6300AW)

    Are Samsung front load washers direct drive?

    It’s a very base variant and is only available at around $699. This model has wifi connectivity, steam wash, 28 min instant wash, and several other intelligent functionalities.

    Model: WF46BG6500AV

    Are Samsung front load washers direct drive?

    Though it’s a smaller washer of 4.6 cubic feet, it’s the most advanced intelligent washer among small variants. This model has an automatic dispensing mechanism, AI smart dialer, and numerous highly advanced features. It’s available for around $828 only.

    6 Cubic Feet Models

    Model: WV60M9900AV (FlexWash)

    Are Samsung front load washers direct drive?

    FlexWash is the most attractive Samsung front loader washer, which is at a time top loader and front loader. This unit allows you to put small loads on top (1~2 cubic feet) and a vast six cubic feet load in the front loading portion. 

    Please note that the FlexWash model’s front loader unit is a direct drive, but the top loader portion is a belt drive. But it doesn’t matter.

    This model’s price is around $1199, which might be varied on the market.

    7+ Cubic Feet Models

    Model: DVE53BB8700VA3 (Bespoke)

    Are Samsung front load washers direct drive?

    Bespoke is the most prestigious unit of Samsung, both for washers and other household appliances. You will find them in three different sizes and the price tag I’ve listed below.

    • 4.6 cubic feet – $778
    • 5.3 cubic feet – $949
    • 7.6 cubic feet variants – $948

    All these bespoke models have an artificial intelligence integrated internal CPU with innovative advanced features. No need to tell, all of them come with a direct drive motor with 20 years of extended warranty!

    Advantage of Samsung Direct Drive front loader washers


    Think about your ceiling fan without blades. If the motor spins without blades or any traction, you won’t be able to hear any noise. 

    The same thing happens for the Direct Driver motor. The Samsung front loader’s direct driver motor remains attached behind the drum, and there’s no shaft or belt to create traction. Though, it has a clutch.

    However, eliminating the belt keeps it humming noise free. Again, the drum holder’s shock absorbers remain better balanced due to having a direct drive motor. 

    Cause in the belt drive mechanism, the hydraulic shock absorbers need to consume both the motor’s and the drum’s vibration.

    Zero Maintainance

    Direct driver Samsung Frontloaders are almost maintenance-free. Cause you would never need to replace the belt, shafts, or gears. All you might require is yearly drain line cleaning, which is a DIY activity. 


    There’s a famous dialogue “Electronic components might get damaged any time.” This is partially true, though. 

    As an Engineer, I can assure you the Direct Drive motor is highly reliable. Almost it’s impossible to get damaged. Cause there’s no fragile element inside the machine.

    The direct drive motor is nothing but a few cores of copper coils. Unless you have an extreme short circuit in your house wiring or any thunder strike on stormy days, there’s no chance of getting damaged. 

    However, if you use a dedicated 15~20 amps circuit breaker for this washer’s socket, you will get an Infinity lifespan.

    You may read my article on Samsung Front Loader’s Reliability here…

    Are Samsung front-load washers reliable? (Answered!)

    Intelligent Level of Torque and RPM

    As the direct drive motor remains integrated with an inverter (VFD), the sensor can sense your load size, and your motor consumes an adjacent amount of power.

    Thus the motor produces an angular torque intelligently. Additionally, while a belt drive unit can use a maximum spin of 800 to 1000 RPM during the spin cycle, the direct drive motor can spin at 1200 to 1400 RPM.

    Thus Samsung front loaders can squeeze out almost 90% of the water from your clothing.

    You might like reading – Does front load washers dry clothes? (Revealed!)

    Energy Saving

    Direct driver motor with intelligent Inverter can increase or decrease spinning speed without consuming additional power. Thus they are incredibly energy-saving.

    A Samsung front loader unit will consume about 91kwh of electricity yearly, which means at most $11 a year.


    Direct Drives are less shacky and well-balanced than belt drives. So it creates less amount of pressure on the chassis and weight holders. This enhances sturdiness and increases lifespan. 

    Extended Warranty

    Though for other parts and components, Samsung provides 1~3 years of warranty with labor, for the Direct Drive Inverter Motor, the warranty period is an extended 20 years.

     This means you may keep relaxing for two decades.

    Can Samsung’s direct drive motor get damaged?

    The direct drive motor can get damaged in one particular circumstance.

    Suppose your city’s electricity distribution line faults, the transformer burn or stuff like that, and the household voltage suddenly spike unusually. In that case, the direct drive motor might get damaged if the washer remains running at that time.

    But if this unusual case happens to you, Samsung will replace the motor for free.

    What does it mean to be Direct Drive Inverter Motor?

    The Inverter in the washing machine is a Variable Frequency Drive or VFD. This device can increase and decrease the AC current’s FREQUENCY; as a result, without increasing the voltage or ampere, the motor can increase or decrease its speed.

    As a result, the ampere doesn’t get a spike, and the electricity bill remains under an efficiency level.

    Are Samsung direct drive front loaders power efficient?

    Generally, Samsung front loaders’ Direct Drive motor consumes 90 to 400 watts depending on the speed and the torque level. [Wattage might vary on the size of the washer too].

    But you must remember that the washer doesn’t consume power only for the Direct Drive motor. But it needs power for the water heating system, the drainage pump, the suction pump, etc.

    But in general, they are too power efficient.

    When should you consider choosing a belt drive?

    Belt drive units are almost unavailable to the market. Few top loaders might be available, though. 

    But they are inexpensive.

    You may consider getting one of them for temporary use, such as cleaning baby urine and potty-messed clothes or pet dirt. Then you might consider selling them after a year of use.

    Are Samsung direct drive front loaders more expensive than other brands?

    Samsung Direct Drive front load washers are cheaper than Electrolux and LG. But feature-wise, Samsung could be a standard choice.

    Whirlpool is cheaper than Samsung. But those are less sturdy than Samsung. 

    While Samsung is silent and produces less vibration, Whirlpool is slightly light and feels shacky during the spin cycle. 

    I recommend you go for Samsung, or if you have a high budget, you might choose LG.

    Final Thought

    All front-loader Samsung washers come with a direct-drive inverter motor with an extended 20 years of the warranty period, and they are almost maintenance-free. Also, they are less expensive than LG or Electrolux. So These are definitely fantastic preferences for me.

    Azmain Ahnaf is a Software Engineer and a passionate blogger who likes sharing tips and tricks and home appliances-related topics in handytalker blog. He believes that sharing knowledge with each other can create the world much easier!

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